WCCO-TV Mid-Morning

Airdate: Tuesday, August 27, 2019
Courtesy of WCCO-TV

WCCO-TV Web Extra

Featuring Chuck, Ken, Jason, Myron & Jacob
Song: My Melody of Love
Courtesy of WCCO-TV

Fox 9 Live at the Fair

Courtesy of Fox 9

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2020: Redeemer Lutheran Church, Rochester
2020: Zion Lutheran Church, Brainerd
2019: Minnesota State Fair
2019: Pola-Czesky Days Polka Mass
2018: Pola-Czesky Days Polka Mass
2018: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Alexandria
2015: St. Boni Spass Tagen
2013: McLeod County Fair
2012: World Concertina Congress Hall of Fame
2010: Minnesota State Fair
2010: Zion Lutheran Church, Brainerd
2009: Chippewa Falls Oktoberfest
1993: Gibbon
1990: KEYC-TV Bandwagon
1989: Gibbon Ballroom
1988: KEYC-TV Bandwagon
1984: KEYC-TV Bandwagon