Jolly Ramblers to Appear LIVE on WCCO-TV

WCCO-TV Mid-MorningIt’s official!  The Jolly Ramblers will be on WCCO-TV Mid-Morning on Monday, August 26, LIVE from the Minnesota State Fair!  We’ll be on the air around 9:40 am (so start watching around 9:30 am so you don’t miss it!).

Can’t watch WCCO?  You can watch live online here:

We’ll be sure to post the video on Facebook after it airs too!



The Jolly Ramblers are proud to welcome you to their home on the internet!

With a combined total of more than 200 years in the music and dance band industry, Chuck Thiel and his Jolly Ramblers of Lester Prairie, Mn., will please you with their genuine style of danceable music that is pleasing to all old-time and modern dancers and listeners alike. A steady beat and beautiful instrumental and vocal blends make this band very popular throughout the upper-Midwest.

The composition of the group allows many interesting instrumental and vocal combinations. Solid bass keyboard and percussion along with some very nice concertina fills and solos complete a really enjoyable sound.

The Jolly Ramblers feature a wide variety of musical styles from German/Czech old-time to modern and swing to 50’s, country, and country-rock. In 1991 they added the “polka mass/service” to their library and have since released five Christian CD’s/cassettes. Christian ministry through music has become a major part of their annual schedule. “Beautiful, My Savior Be” and “Good Old Polka Rhythm” are their latest releases (February 2012). The Jolly Ramblers have recorded 19 albums/cassettes/CDs.

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