Thiel GenerationsThe Jolly Ramblers are proud to welcome you to their home on the internet!

Major changes are here for the Jolly Ramblers, and so far the response has been great!

Chuck, who plays concertina and leads vocals, is a second generation member with the band since 1962. He became a full-time member in 1968.

Jason is third generation and started with the band in 1989. He became a full-time member in 1995. Starting on drums, he transitioned to keyboard and also plays trumpet. He also sings harmony with Chuck on many songs and takes the lead on a few more.

Jason’s sons make up Generation IV. Jacob (age 15) started playing drums at age five and became a full-time member in 2020. As well as he plays drums, he may be even better on trumpet. He’s an exceptional musician!

Noah (age 13) has sat in on drums with the band for a few years. Now, Jacob and Noah team up on trumpets, and occasionally, Jason will join them on trumpet with a laid keyboard and drum track for a full six-piece band with four musicians.

Eleven-year-old Benjamin spent his early years as the band’s roadie, always jumping in to help pack and carry equipment, but now he’s picked up the sticks and plays drums.

Ken Schmidt who’s been with the band since 1971 will still be making regular appearances. He’s finally getting more time for family activities with the grandkids and time for travel with wife Cathy.

Christian ministry through music is still a major part of their annual schedule. The band has released five Christian CD’s and has been at many churches annually for 20-25+ years.

At the same time, Generations II-III-IV are transitioning to a show band. Polkas (and an occasional waltz) are still a vital part of their show, but there is so much more from Country Classics to 50’s to Country Rock and even a little folk music.

“It’s a Family Tradition” is their latest release (August 2020). The Jolly Ramblers have recorded 20 albums/cassettes/CDs.

If you’re looking for entertainment, please check us out. We can come as a two-piece group or anywhere up to five with the boys. Special events and shows are a hit when “the boys” hit the stage.

Jolly Ramblers’ CD Sales

It's a Family Tradition
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