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2019: Minnesota State Fair
Featuring television appearances on WCCO-TV Mid-Morning and Fox 9 Live at the Fair
2019: Pola-Czesky Days Polka Mass
Featuring Chuck, Jason, & Jacob
2018: Pola-Czesky Days Polka Mass
Featuring Chuck, Jason, & Jacob
2018: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Alexandria
Featuring Chuck, Ken, Jason, & Jacob
2015: St. Boni Spass Tagen
Featuring Chuck, Ken, Jason, Leon & Jim Bartusek
Song: All I Have to Do is Dream
2013: McLeod County Fair
Featuring Chuck, Ken, Jason, Myron & Jacob Thiel
Song: Beer Barrel Polka
2012: WCC Hall of Fame Induction
Featuring Chuck’s Hall of Fame Induction Speech
Songs: Blue Skirt Waltz, El Rio Drive Polka, Rockin’ Rhythm Polka
2010: Minnesota State Fair
Featuring Chuck, Ken, Jason, David & Myron Muehlbauer
Songs: Tinker Polka, Beloved Be Faithful Waltz, Tinker Polka, Waltz of the Angels, Blue Moon, My Darling Mary Polka, Why Polka, Dance With Me Darlin’ Waltz, Red Raven Polka, Helena Polka
2010: Zion Lutheran Church, Brainerd
Featuring Chuck, Ken, Jason & Leon Haefner
Songs: St. Paul Waltz, Blossom Waltz
2009: Chippewa Falls Oktoberfest
Featuring Chuck, Ken, Gary, Jason & David Kroells
Songs: Invisible Tears, I Don’t Know Why
1993: Gibbon
Featuring Chuck, Ken, Gary, Jerry & Chas
Songs: Crackerjack Polka, Adrian Polka
1990: KEYC-TV Bandwagon
Featuring Chuck, Ken, Gary, Jerry, Chas & Jason Thiel
Song: I Am Yours Polka
1989: Gibbon Ballroom
Featuring Chuck, Ken, Gary, Chas & Jerry Kahle
Songs: Dance Hall Polka, Rainbow Valley Polka, Pilsen Polka, Do You Ever Think of Me, Fraulein, Oklahoma Waltz, Concertina Holiday Polka, I’m Coming Waltz, Summertime Waltz, Alaska Waltz
1988: KEYC-TV Bandwagon
Featuring Chuck, Ken, Gary, Hillary Haag & Chuck ‘Chas’ Cogley
Song: Crackerjack Polka
1984: KEYC-TV Bandwagon
Featuring Chuck Thiel, Ken Schmidt, Gary Schmidt, Bill Schultz & Matt Mohwinkel
Songs: Blossom Waltz, Rosalinda Waltz, Tick Tock Polka