Meet the Jolly Ramblers

Chuck Thiel
Chuck, the concertina player, lead vocalist, and leader, is the son of the band’s originator Albert Thiel, who passed away May 12, 1994. Chuck has been a Jolly Rambler since 1962. Father of Jason, Jeremy (died of cancer at age 34), and Jamison, he makes his home in Lester Prairie. After teaching high school English for 25 years, Chuck plays music and organizes and directs tours.
Ken Schmidt
Ken has been a Jolly Rambler since 1971. He plays trumpet, saxophone, and valve trombone and does many of the vocals. He also arranges much of the band’s music. Ken and his wife Cathy live in LeCenter where Ken retired as a high school science teacher. They have two grown sons.
Jason Thiel
Jason is a third generation Jolly Rambler who became a full-time member in January 1995. Jason most often plays keyboard and does vocals, but occasionally will be found behind the drums and even playing trumpet. A graduate of St. Cloud State University, he now works for Bally Sports North in Minneapolis and lives in Bloomington with his wife Mary and sons Jacob, Noah and Benjamin.
Jacob Thiel
Jacob, the son of Jason and Mary, was born in 2008 and made his public debut with the band on his great-grandpa's drum set in 2013. A fourth generation Jolly Rambler, Jacob is now the full-time drummer, but you'll often see him playing trumpet with the band... especially when Chuck, Jason and Jacob go out as generations 2-3-4. An eighth grader, he's taking trumpet lessons and plays in the Bloomington Jefferson Marching Band as well as the middle school band.
Myron Muehlbauer
Myron has been a musician for over 50 years. He plays trumpet, saxophone, and clarinet. He plays about 20 dates with the Jolly Ramblers each year and works with many Minnesota and Wisconsin bands.