Jolly Ramblers Bio

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Promotional Photos

Photos are high resolution.  There are two versions of each photo: jpg files are over a plain white background and can be resized to fit your needs; png files can be placed over any background for maximum customization.  Please contact us if you’re looking for something specific: we’re happy to help you promote our appearance!

Thiel Family (from “It’s a Family Tradition”): jpg

Full Band: jpg  png

5-Piece (Chuck, Ken, Jason, Leon, Jim): jpg  png

5-Piece (Chuck, Ken, Jason, Leon, Jacob): jpg  png

4-Piece (Chuck, Ken, Jason, Jacob): jpg  png

3-Piece (Chuck, Ken, Jason): jpg  png

3-Piece (Chuck, Jason, Jacob): jpg  png

2-Piece (Chuck, Jason): jpg  png

Solo (Chuck): jpg  png

Jolly Ramblers Logo: jpg