Beautiful My Savior Be (2012)


Song List

1. Beautiful My Savior Be (Lapland)
2. Savior, Again to Thy Dear Name We Raise
3. You’re All I Need, Lord (You’re All I Ask For)
4. Blessed Assurance
5. How Long Has It Been
6. Because He Lives
7. You Taught Us How to Love, Lord (Barbara Polka)
8. Welcome the Service Is Starting (Beautiful Brown Eyes)
9. Grandma’s Rocking Chair
10. Mansion Over the Hilltop
11. Take My Hand, Precious Lord
12. God’s Family
13. Count Your Many Blessings
14. Jesus, You’re My Life and Love (Greet the Folks at Home)
15. Rock of Ages Polka
16. I Want to Waltz Over Heaven with You
17. An Evening Prayer
18. Go Now in Peace (Over Three Hills)

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